About me

I was born in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Music is my passion. I come from a Diplomatic Family. Father and Grandfather They worked at the Italian Embassy. Father Lelio Lattari was also the Polish Champion in Car Rallies in 1974 in Alfa Romeo.

I give concerts all over Europe with a repertoire of Italian pop music hits.
I took my first steps on stage in Palermo. Since then, I have performed all over Europe, North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

My most important places where I gave concerts include:

  • Qatar – concert for Sheikh Muhammed Al Thani
  • Cannes – concert at the Le Festival restaurant
  • Concert cooperation with Hilton hotels all over Europe and the Arab Emirates
  • Munich – concert at the Sheraton Hotel
  • In the years 1978/79 I toured with Bobby Solo – incl. in Palermo (Sicily) where I was born.
  • In Belgioioso (PV) – northern Italy, a concert with Drupi
  • Since March 2013, I have been giving concerts in Poland